Pop Goes the World New York City Adventure – Part One

So I am in New York City and I wanted to take in as much culture and pop culture while I could. You’ve already read my review of the awesome How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying with Daniel Radcliffe, now I am going to recap some of the pop culture and culture things that I have done on my four day jaunt to this incredible city that never sleeps.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011: Taping of Anderson Cooper’s talk show Anderson.

So the taping that I saw aired on November 30, 2011.The show tapes at Jazz at Lincoln Center, which actually is in the Time Warner Building near  Columbus Circle. The show tapes at 10:15am and audience members needed to arrive at 9am to be processed through. My friends and I were seated in the first row of the Mezzannine area of his studio, which by the way had the most gorgeous view of Columbus Circle. The episode features a segment on the sex abuse scandal rocking Syracuse University and also a guest was Tracey Gold who talked about her battle with eating disorders. As well, there other women in the audience who either are battling, battled or who have family members with eating disorders. Now those were the segments that were filmed what we saw (there were some pre-taped segments that were edited into the show later). In fact, when you watch the show you will see me in the Burgundy dress shirt behind the two young women who were talking about their battle with anorexia. A lot of these stories these women told in fact were very touching.

Being an audience member of Anderson is not as tiring as being an audience member of the Price is Right. Yes we clap in and out of commercial breaks with not much hooting and hollering. if we hear something we either agree or disagree we were encouraged to clap or do the noise that people make when they disagree with something. We are even encourage to ask the guests a question as Anderson likes to be interactive with his audience. One thing that I didn’t understand was we were given these blue ribbons to support eating disorders and we put them on but were asked to take them off so we could put them on the air but me and my friends never did.

One of the exciting things was that after the show finished taping I got to ask Anderson a question and I asked what it was like to film The Mole (a reality show that he hosted back in 2000 and 2001). He said that he wanted to try his hand at reality TV (as it was a new medium back then and not what it is today) but said after two seasons, it was an intense and exhausting experience spending a month filming all over Europe and having the contestants always on game mode and could never enjoy a meal that didn’t involve game play. Also, Anderson has the most piercing blue eyes and is very handsome up close. Alas, we weren’t allowed to take pictures with the silver fox.

Wednesday, November 30 2011: Taping of The Chew

The Chew's Tasting Table

I wanted to see The Chew because I enjoy cooking and thought I would get a giveaway but alas didn’t -all I could was a granola bar in the audience holding room. I also hoped to be at the Tasting Table so I could be on TV but didn’t. I also hoped to sit behind said table but didn’t. Now I was really tired for the taping of this show as I didn’t have a great nights sleep the night before and having to be at the studio before 7:45am for a 9am taping -I was very tired. I was at the 46th taping of the show and the warm-up guy was great as he did get me to perk up but boy is The Chew just as exhausting as The Price is Right. Here is what I found very strange about this taping. We had to give 1 minute of enthusiastic applause, then about 45 seconds of quiet applause and then 45 seconds of laughter but it was so unnatural that it really came off to me as sounding really fake.

Anyways, the show that I saw aired today (December 1st) and it was all about having de-stressful month. Each of the hosts (Clinton Kelly, Michael Symons, Mario Batali, Carla Hall, and Daphne Oz) shared what stresses them out about the holidays and what they do to de-stress. Anyways, while they were doing that Mario was cooking up some Cornish Game Hens with pomegranate and the studio did smell delicious. During commercial breaks they would play songs from the 70s and I have to say that Carla Hall was really the only one to interact with the audience as she would dance and boggy here a way with us. She really seemed like a fun and friendly lady but that is not to say the other hosts weren’t they were just busy getting ready for the next segment. Clinton Kelly was probably the next nicest by talking to the audience.

There was 5 minute recipe segment with Michael Symons and Daphne Oz that had the most natural laughter to it than any other segment. There was a re-taped segment about holiday shopping advice, a cooking segment with the latest cast off of Iron Chef Supper Chef. There was a quick tip about Chai Lattes with Carla Hall and an exercise segment where you used household items like lifting water jugs to a workout. I was sitting to the extreme left of the Tasting Table so I highly doubt you will see me on TV. Overall, I felt that The Chew was very manufactured in terms of audience reaction. We were told when to clap and laugh during segments that didn’t seem natural. There definitely was some parts that were natural like when Daphne kept on getting bacon grease on her arms during Michael Symons segment. Anderson on the other hand, I felt that was some natural reactions and we weren’t asked to laugh or clap on demand.

Part two will feature my take on War Horse and 79th Rockefeller Tree Lighting Ceremony and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (that I actually saw on my first day here).

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