Live Blogging the 83rd Annual Academy Awards

It is that time of year again: The Oscars. And for this year’s 83rd event, I present to you my annual live blog of the event that is peppered with my thoughts on the ceremony including how hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco are doing. As well, you will see whether or not I win my annual Oscar bet with my younger brother. This year if I win, I get to go to Japanese Tapas and if he wins he wants to go for Pho or Ramen.

We differed in five categories so there shouldn’t be a tie unless we get all the five ones we differ on wrong.

I am excited to see a few things on tonights broadcast. I am looking forward to seeing how Anne and James do as hosts and I am also looking forward to seeing the Best Songs get performed again. I especially want to see Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi sing their song from Tangled.

All times noted are in Pacific Time:

5:25pm: We are 5 minutes away from showtime.

5:30pm: Here we go. The Oscars. Countdown with the 10 Best Pictures.

5:31pm: I loved Toy Story 3 but now way it is going to win Best Picture.

5:32pm: Yeah, the are inserted into Inception. Just like Billy Crystal. I am loving this already from James and Anne. Yeah Alec Baldwin. Now we are on to Facebook. Moving onto the Fighter. True Grit. Anne with an eye patch.  And James in a bear suit. “I loved you in Tron” Now Morgan Freeman is narrating. The King’s Speech. I am laughing at this a lot now. What is with Anne’s ballet outfit for Black Swan.

5:36pm: Mr. Baldwin. Please call me Mr. Baldwin. Back to the Future… Awesome. And watching the ceremony in HD awesome too,

5:37pm And now here they are in the flesh. So far a good start. I love it when the hosts are inserted in the nominated films. It is always funny and this didn’t disappoint.

5:38pm The both seem very nervous. Appealing to a younger demographic.

5:39pm Some jokes are falling flat. I mean really flat.

5:40pm This is really bad, Calling out Anne’s mom. This is really not funny. Franco’s grandma saying Marky Mark that was funny. Their monologue wasn’t good at all.

5:41pm: Now they are showing past Best Picture winners now: Gone with the Wind. Don’t know why because it is only the 83rd Academy Awards.

5:42: Tom Hanks with the first two awards. Cinematography and Art Direction: For Cinematography: Me True Grit and Justin: True Grit. Art Direction: Me: Alice in Wonderland and Justin: Alice in Wonderland. Although would have loved that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part One won.

First up is Art Direction. The Winner is: Alice in Wonderland. Always good to get the first category right off the bat. Starting the evening on a high note.

Cinematography. Inception. So got one wrong. One year I would love to get 24 out of 24 right.

5:51pm Kirk Douglas is now on stage. I don’t know what he is presenting. He is doing Best Supporting Actress. Me and Justin: Hailee Steinfield for True Grit

The Winner is:  Melissa Leo. I was so going to pick her but I heard some backlash for her. I am happy that she has won because I loved her in The Young Riders years ago. So far I am 1-2 in the third

5:59pm Melissa Leo said the F-word. And it didn’t get bleeped.

6:01pm Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Maybe introducing a Best Song nominee. That Bansky joke fell flat. Ok, they are doing Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short. Animated Featuer Me and Justin: Toy Story 3 and Short: The Gruffalo.

Animated Short Film: The Lost Thing. I am doing so bad in my oscar bet.

Animated Feature: Toy Story 3!!! Finally getting another category right.

So my brother and I are tied with two categories right.

6:12pm Anne Hathaway doing Oscar facts.

6:13pm Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem. Looking good in their white tuxedos. Screenplay awards. Adapted. Me and Justin: The Social Network. I liked how in the last few years the read some of the screenplays nominated. The Winner: The Social Network. Three categories right so far out of the six that have been awarded. I am 50% right.

6:16pm Hey Aaron Sorkin, they are playing you off.

6:17pm Original Screenplay. Me and Justin: The King’s Speech. I like how they are presenting this one. The Winner: The King’s Speech

6:23pm Costume change for Anne in a tuxedo. Looks like she is going to sing. Something from Les Miserable. A riff from On Our Own. Totally ragging on Hugh Jackman.

6:24pm James Franco as Marilyn Monroe.

6:25pm Russell Brand and Helen Mirren doing Best Foreign Language film. Russell “translating” Helen’s French. Me and Justin: Incendies from Canada. The Winner: In a Better World. 4 for 7 for both my brother and I.

6:29pm Reese Whiterspoon presenting Best Supporting Actor. Me and Justin: Christian Bale. I am surprised Monique isn’t presenting this. The winner: Christian Bale. 5 for 8.

6:38pm President speech, ZZZZZZZ

6:39pm That was a quick speech. Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. A history of sound in Hollywood. Best Original Score. A fave category of mine. Me and Justin: The King’s Speech. I like how they are presenting this award. The Winner: The Social Network. 5 for 9.

6:45pm. Scarlett Johansson and Matthew however you spell his last name. Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. Justin and I  both guessed Inception for both of these categories. Best Sound Mixing: Inception 6 for 10. Best Sound Editing: Inception. 7 for 11.

6:53pm Marisa Tomei did tech osars

6:55pm Cate Blanchett Make-up and Costume Design. Make-up: Me and Justin: The Wolfman. That is Gross: Cate Blanchett. The Winner: The Wolfman. 8 for 12. Costume Design: Me: The King’s Speech. Justin: Alice in Wonderland. This is the first category where we differ. This should break the tie that we are in. The Winner: Alice in Wonderland. 8 for 13. Justin is 9 for 13.

7pm Best Song now. Another category where we differ. Justin: If I Rise. Me: I see the light. I think I am wrong but I am going with the song that I loved.

Alan Menken with Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi singing from Tangled. This was what I was waiting for. The seem nervous but still sung the song really well.

7:11pm Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. Amy sounds like she has a cold. Best Doc Short. Me: Killing in the Name Justin:  Poster Girl. Winner: Strangers No More. Status Quo I am 8 for 14 and Justin is 9 for 14. Best Live Action Short, Me: The Confession. Justin: Wish 143. The Winner: God of Love. Status Quo still. Me 8 for 15. Justin 9 for 15.

7:18pm They turned Harry Potter into an auto-tuned musical. WTF.

7:19pm Oprah Winfrey. I think she will be doing Best Documentary. Yes, I am right. Me: Restrepo. Justin: Exit Through the Gift Shop. The Winner: Inside Job. I was going to pick this one but went with Restrepo. I saw Inside Job and I thought it was jus an okay documentary. but it did make me angry while watching this. 8 for 16 for me. Justin is 9 for 16.

It comes down to Best Actress and Best Song. If I get Best Song right then I will be tied. If my brother gets it right I lose the bet because even if I get Best Actress right, it won’t matter as we agreed on the other categories. I need to get Best Song right or we need to get it both wrong.

7:26pm: Billy Crystal who was indeed one of the best Oscar hosts ever. He is talking about the very first televised Oscar ceremony. He needs to come back and host. He is best part so far.

7:31pm Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. Best Visual Effects. The zingers coming from Jude Law, not too bad. Me and Justin: Inception. Winner: Inception. 9 for 17 for me. Justin: 10 for 17. I just want to hit double digits.

7:34pm Best Editing. Me and Justin: The Social Network. The Winner: The Social Network. I have hit double digits: 10 for 18 and for Justin 11 for 18.

7:40pm James Franco is terrible. But I love Anne Hathaway’s red dress. More Best Songs. Jennifer Hudson to present the remaining performers then the award. As mentioned I chose I See the Light and Justin’s pick was If I Rise.

That was terrible performance for If I Rise. Now Gwyneth Paltrow singing that song from Country Strong. It wasn’t a bad song when I heard it on YouTube. I think Gwyneth is a great singer. Loved her on Glee.

She seems very stiff when performing this. She seems very nervous. I guess this is more nerve wracking than singing on the Grammys.

7:45pm The Winner: We Belong Together. Toy Story 3. 10 for 19 for me and 11 for 19 for Justin. This is probably one of my worse years ever.

7:52pm Dead person’s montage accompanied by Celine Dion singing Smile.

7:53pm Interesting I don’t hear applause. You usually hear applause for certain people. Maybe the music is too lad and we don’t hear it at home.

7:55pm Halle Berry doing a special tribute to Lena Horne.

8pm: Now Anne is wearing a weird blue dress. Hilary Swank is up now. She is doing Best Director with Katherine Bigelow. Me and Justin: The Social Network directed by David Fincher. The Winner: Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech. Good for him. I really enjoyed the King’s Speech. 10 for 20 for me, 11 for 20 for Justin.

8:05pm How very sweet of Tom to thank his mom.

8:06pm: Annette Benning. She is doing the Governor’s Award that includes the Lifetime Achievement Award using the great score from Henry V.

8:07pm I thought Eli Wallach was adorable in The Holiday. He gave me a new phrase to say “Meet Cute”

8:08pm Best Actor and Actress now. Jeff Bridges is doing Best Actress. Me: Natalie Portman and Justin: Annette Benning. I need to win this to tie. They are doing what they have been doing the last several years but now just the previous winner talking about the nominees.

8:15pm: The winner: Natalie Portman. I needed this so bad. 11 for 21 for me and Justin is 11 for 21. We are tied.

8:19pm Anne introducing Sandra Bullock doing Best Actor now. Me and Justin: Colin Firth. The Winner: Colin Firth. 12 for 23 for me and 12 for 23 for Justin.

8:31pm Best Picture to be announced by Steven Spielberg. Me and Justin: The King’s Speech. The Winner: The King’s Speech. 13 for 24 for both Justin and I. It think I tied my worst showing.

8:38pm So a little bit over but not too bad. But Anne Hathaway and James Franco kinda of blew as hosts.

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