Why Breaking Dawn shouldn’t be two movies

Okay, so news came out that the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn, is going to be two movies. To which I say, it isn’t necessary. The studio, Summit Entertainment, said the reason being is the story is too complex for one film. I counter and say that is poppycock.

I am not a Twilight hater, far from it. I love the stories and have enjoyed the movie adaptations but I think this is a clear case of the studio wanting to capitalize on this hugely successful franshise. To me, this is a money move. Let’s make more money off these tweens, teens and Twi-moms. Granted I will pay to see the two films because as a fan there really only should have been one.

While the book is 900 pages and divided into three parts, you can condense it into one film. The first part is fairly short and can probably be true to the book as it deals with Bella and Edward’s (spoiler alert) wedding and honeymoon and of course her (spoiler alert) pregnancy.

The second part that features Jacob as the narrator is the part that can be heavily condensed. All you really need to show is how Bella has an unrational need for Jacob to be near, show a few scenes of Jacob’s torment over what the pregnancy is doing to Bella, the birth and the imprinting. That could be 30 minutes of the film right there. and the rest of the movie dealing Bella being a vampire and the “battle” with the Volturi.

So basically you have 45 minutes for the wedding/honeymoon, 30 minutes for the Jacob bits and then maybe 75-80 minutes for the rest which still brings us in at about a two hour movie or just over. If people can sit for three hours of Lord of the Rings then they can sit for a three hour Twilight movie.

Some Twilight fans might counter that the last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, shouldn’t be two movies. To that I say, you are totally wrong. I love Harry Potter too (probably more than Twilight) and when I was reading the book, I kept on thinking “How are they going to make a movie of this without sacrificing anything?”

Yes past movie versions of the larger books (from HP4 on) have been made into one movie but I think in those versions they made the right cuts and what they cut wasn’t really important to the series plots.  Although, I was unhappy with the cuts in HP5 -but that’s another story.

With HP 7, everything was important in that book and if HP7 was one movie, I felt it would have been the worse adaptation because they would have to have cut out so much and it would have diluted the impact of the book. I was very happy to see it be two movies and don’t see it as a money grab but a creative one and can’t wait to see both films.

For me, Breaking Dawn could have been shorter and could have done without the Jacob bits that to me dragged the story down. But this is all moot as there is going to be two movies and inevitably I will be in line to watch both of them.

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1 Comment on Why Breaking Dawn shouldn’t be two movies

  1. I love both and have read all the books. In my opinion Breaking dawn shouldn’t be on two part. If they only read and compare the book Hp deserve to be cut in two.

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