Revolution Season 2 “There Will Be Blood” Recap and Review

By Bec92160

Revolutions season 2 episode 2We pick up with Aaron coming back to life. I wonder if he has one of those doohickies from last season that could cure anything that ailed you. Guess we’ll see. Girlfriend looks freaked.

Over in the Plains Nation. Willie Nelson with an eyepatch is perusing a very old copy of a Penthouse magazine. He hears a noise and seems miffed that he’s being dragged away from his reading. Ouch. Poor Willie. He’s going to have a heck of a headache.

Charlie finds Monroe tied to a wall down in what I am assuming is the deep end of an empty swimming pool. Someone is sound asleep on the ground nearby. Sleeping guy is armed. Charlie aims at Monroe. Will she pull the trigger this time and fulfill her destiny?!? Guy sleeping on the ground sits up and starts shooting. Charlie gets hit and falls into the empty pool. And we are immediately taken back to Miles in a cage.


The sheriff is in the cage next to Miles. Two thugs are dragging a screaming guy through the makeshift prison room. There’s a lady in a cage near the Sheriff. The Sheriff calls her Sarah. Sarah is out-of-it but says Hi. The Sheriff inquires about the red door the thugs just dragged the screaming man through. She doesn’t know much but once you go in you don’t come back. Sarah’s son, Andy went through the door.

Miles is being snarky with the Sheriff. The Sheriff is an honorable man. Unfortunately, he based his decision to become the sheriff on stories his dad told him about the honorable Walker Texas Ranger. LOL Sorry. Hopefully Miles will let that go. No reason for the Sheriff to know he has based his honor on a cheezy Chuck Norris show from the 80s. No offence to anyone who really loved that show.

The thugs are back. They’re taking a blood sample from Miles and the Sheriff and placing drops on what looks like a ratty piece of cloth with circles drawn on it. The Sheriff doesn’t pass the blood test and gets shot.

Aaron is staring at the spot where he was previously dead. The carpet is covered with his blood. That would be a surreal sight I think. Enter Rachael. Aaron was dead for 2.5 hours. We learn GF’s name is Cynthia. Now it’s Aaron’s turn to be freaked. He speculates that the nano watchamacallits in the air are responsible for his resurrection. If that were true wouldn’t everyone come back to life?

A horse slowly makes it way to the gate of the town. There’s a rider but he’s slumped over in the saddle. The rider has no shoes. The rider turns out to be the Sheriff with a bullet in his face. He’s dead. Too bad. I like Adam Beach and was excited he was on the show.  Wonder if he’ll come back to life too?

The town is in in survivor mode. They’re going to batten down the hatches against the thugs. Aaron and Cynthia are telling the 4th graders the story of GhostBusters!!  Awesome.

Rachael is begging her dad to go after Miles. Dad sees no benefit to that. She’s volunteering to go; she just needs a “couple of guys” for back-up. Dad is having no part of this.  Can’t say that I blame him. Gene would have a complete and total nutty if he really knew what his loving daughter and granddaughter had been doing the months before they got to Texas. I’m sure he suspects but sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

Plains Nation

Sleeping guy is now gorgeous guy. He’s gonna patch Charlie up with something that looks like honey.  He shot Charlie with rock salt so she’s not fatally wounded. Willie Nelson speaks what sounds like Russian. Gorgeous guy has gorgeous teeth. He’s a bounty hunter who works for the U.S. government. The US GOVERNMENT. That peaks Monroe and Charlie’s interest. Charlie recommends gorgeous bounty hunter just put a bullet in Monroe’s head and hand him over. She then proceeds to insult and berate gorgeous bounty hunter for being stupid enough to think he’ll be able to take Monroe in. She proposes that Monroe will escape and slit gorgeous bounty hunters throat. GBH is going to take his chances. Of course Monroe is already working on getting out of his binding. Charlie called it. Will Monroe take Charlie with him when he gets free?  Monroe is arrogant enough to think Charlie would be thankful and not kill him.


Miles is still in the cage but worked his bindings loose and sets himself free. Sarah wants to be set free too.  Really Miles?? He almost left Sarah there while he got away. Miles works on getting Sarah free. Enter the thugs. Miles is so bad ass. But not bad enough this time. Oh yay, we’re off to see Titus. My skin is starting to crawl.


Tom is obnoxious as ever. Love it. He’s trying to rally some troops. Seems like it might be slim pickings and isn’t shy about telling this guy to his face how stupid he is. Tom is focused. He’s got it all figured out. The memory of his wife is always bubbling below the surface. Tom simmers with rage.


Cynthia isn’t shy about telling the priest about Aaron’s miracle. Aaron is horrified. Cites doctor patient confidentiality. Times have changed.


Monroe tries to speculate why Charlie isn’t with Miles. He wants to hear about the night the bombs dropped. Charlie’s not talking. Monroe tries to convince Charlie that he’s not a bad guy. Charlie is snarky. Monroe chastises her for being impertinent. Really dude? You’re playing the “respect your elders” card.  Charlie puts Monroe in his place. Good girl. She offers to put him out of his misery. Monroe tries not to take her seriously. He’s not convincing.


Rachael is trying to get Ken the butcher to go with her to rescue Stu/Miles. She tries to call in a favor. Not happening.

Creepy Titus drinks from a bendy straw. Miles is inpatient. Miles points out to Titus how creepy he is. Gets a punch in the face for his effort. Titus is a former boy’s school headmaster.  And a pedophile. Great. He thinks the blackout was Gods way of telling us we can do whatever we want. Sure buddy. Titus shows Miles the body of the guy from the town who was going for help. Titus pounds Miles hands with a hammer so Miles can’t kill any more of his boys. I wonder if Miles will heal the way Aaron did?


Tom is stalking the U.S. government lady. He’s got something in the works. Oooooh, smart. The ole fake save your life play. Sucks for the rebel guy though.


Aaron is alone in a room with a dead rat. Ew. He hears a gun shot. There’s a guy lying on the ground in the hall. Aaron approaches the body and bends down to the guy lying in a pool of blood. BEN. It’s Ben. Ben recognizes Aaron. Ben dies. Again. Cynthia comes from behind and calls out to Aaron. Aaron is alone in the hall. No body. No blood. No Ben. Hmmm

Plains Nation

Russian Willie Nelson is yelling orders. They remove Monroe from where he was tied up and no one notices the fresh blood on the wall. Gorgeous bounty hunter cuts Charlie’s bindings and spares her life cuz he just that kind of guy. Gorgeous bounty hunter and Russian Willie Nelson are traveling with Monroe in a horse drawn wagon/ cage thingy. Monroe is of course out of his bindings in minutes and breaking out of the wagon cage. And off he goes running through the woods. GBD and RWN split up to find Monroe. Charlie’s in the woods too. Monroe gets to a fence and is climbing up. RWN gets to Monroe first.  RIP Russian Willie Nelson. GBH comes out of nowhere and tackles Monroe. Monroe is honing his bare knuckle brawling skills. Charlie to the rescue. Monroe takes her down. Monroe gets away in the wagon.


Gene came through for Rachael with a couple of guys that owe him favors. Rachael tells Gene Miles is worth the risk. Gene is going on the rescue mission with them.

Aaron is seriously freaking out about Ben. Cynthia thinks Aaron is a miracle from God. Aaron is condescending to Cynthia about her religion. Aaron falls back on the scientific explanation of why he saw Ben. Those firing synapses and all. Aaron is fessing up to Cynthia about who he is and what part he played in the black out and bombs.

Flashback to the tower the night of the bombs. Aaron can’t stop the launch. We see an extended version of what happen after the bombs went off. Tom breaks in to the room to stop Miles but it’s too late.

Miles is back in his cage with a crushed hand. Sarah tries to help. The main thug cryptically threatens Miles as he walks through the room to his room.  In his room; he finishes a note on… is that parchment?! He seals the note with wax and the seal of the triangle and eye that appears on the backside of American currency. Or it used to.


The Secretary of the US government is reading a parchment letter with the triangle/eye seal. Tom comes into the Secretary’s tent. Tom works his magic. Half truth / half lies. Total manipulation. Very smooth.


Rachael and company are traveling through the woods. They come across hundreds of dead rats in a pile. The group is shocked and grossed out.

The thugs are taking Miles out of the prison through the red door. Sarah watches in horror. They’re in a room with a little girl’s jewelry box playing music.  The kind with a spinning ballerina. Ahh “You Light Up My Life” is playing on the music box. The scene is gruesome.  Possible dead guy on a table.  A very dirty man who is possibly doing a crude blood transfusion. A lady lying in a bed somewhat comatose staring into space and Titus sitting next to her looking creepier than ever.

So that’s it for this week.  I like the pace of the show.  Miles and Rachael were a whole lot less self-suffering this week and seemed to have some of their pepper back.  I hate sulky Miles and Rachael.  The appearance of Ben came out of nowhere for me.  I like when that happens.  I’m going to miss Adam Beach.  Next week looks good.  Can’t wait.

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