Continuum Season 2 Episode 9 “Seconds” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that premiered in the U.S. on June 7 thus are several episodes behind. If you still want to know, then please read on.

It has been two weeks since our last episode. But instead of opening up in 2077, we are in the year 2035 and in New Pemberton, a a factory city. Kiera is narrating to us a time many years before she was born a time of unrest and suffering. She talks of the collapse of the public government and it was up to the people to rebuild the city to be a better place liking working at a place like New Pemberton. But zealots led by one man (most likely Julian/Theseus) destroyed all that and what looks like a new Holocaust situation a guard zeroes in one one prisoner, 22501, who is in debt. The judge revokes her citizenship and sentences her to a life sentence. Despite her pleas that she can repay her debts, she is taken to get an implant with a chip that turns her into some kind of worker drone and we see tons of similar people. A very bleak future indeed.

Back to the present, Kiera is reading online about Julian being free. Kiera tells Carlos how the justice system works in the future when they see Dillon return to the VPD. He hands Nora a letter from the Chief of Police which pretty much states she is fired and Dillon is reinstated as boss, who promptly calls in Kiera and Carlos into his office.

He starts talking about Esher and because of him they will no longer be held hostage by terrorists. Kiera learns that Esher is funding the VPD in a way and that Dillon was told by Esher that Kiera would understand.

We next see Julian collecting his personal items. When he does, he is passed a note by the guard there but silently tells him not to read it then and there. When he leaves, his mother warmly greets him.

Back at the precinct, Dillon is giving a pep talk to the troops about defeating Liber8 and their target is Julian. They want to bring him into justice.

As Julian is attempting to leave, the media is surrounding him. His mom says a few words on his behalf when bullets fly and Julian and Alec’s mother gets hit. Carlos subdues and captures the shooter. Julian wants to stay but his mom tells him to flee, Kiera sees this and runs after him. By the time Kiera catches up to him, Julian has gotten into the car with Rebecca who states that she follows Theseus.

Julian is then taken to the basement of the a building that is filled with what I take are his followers where Rebecca welcome him. She tells him they want to spread his message of freedom and his vision. He says that those thoughts are his own and they should think for themselves. Then Travis comes in and Julian doesn’t want to hear what Travis has to say but he tells him that these people can be his army and do what he wants. Julian warns the crowd about Travis and he leaves. Travis is assures everyone that Julian will be back.

Carlos and Kiera return and Betty tells them they have no trace of Julian. Just because Julian is free, he is still a danger and Kiera says they need to be one step ahead. Carlos asks Kiera who would Julian reach out too and we next see Kiera talking to Alec who is at his mom’s bedside. Alec tells Kiera that Julian has not contacted him.

When Julian left his “people” he meets up with Sonya (that was who the note was from), who begins to tell him about this destiny, his future. Julian doesn’t believe her and tells her that Kagame used him. Sonya continues to tell Julian about his future and how his ideas will ignite a future. Julian is still not a believer but Sonya is insisting how she knows him and wants him to be the leader of everyone.

Betty shows Dillon, Kiera and Carlos some sort of viral thing, doctrine, manifesto that talks about Theseus and it is Julian in art work that looks like that Obama art work.

Driving in downtown Vancouver, Kiera and Carlos are having a conversation where Kiera quotes a nursery that told of how Theseus is the monster lying under their bed. She tells Carlos how Theseus killed thousands of people who didn’t believe in what he did and that inspired LIber8. Carlos finds it hard to believe that Julian is Theseus. Kiera quips back that “every monster starts off as someone’s baby.”

Julian is staying with Sonya and Lucas, who has a talk to Julian. He tells him how he will spark the revolution and that his vision created Liber8. Julian keeps on telling people that Kagame used him. Not deterred to what he needs to say, Lucas tells Julian that Sonya believes that she traveled from the future and he shouldn’t trust him. Lucas tells Julian that Sonya wants to hitch herself to Julian and his manifesto so that she can be seen as a saviour and is willing to kill him. Julian thinks he is lying but Lucas says that it is only him that is supposed to be seen as the saviour and shows him the viral poster. As Lucas leaves, he is seen talking to himself and Lucas tells Julian that Kagame wants him to go. which he does. I don’t quite get Lucas’ motivation here. I thought he was loyal to Sonya. Don’t get his play.

Next morning, Betty tells Dillon she has not found Julian yet. Back at the hospital, Alec receives a call from Julian who asks for his help.

At the precinct, Carlos found out where the manifesto came from when Kiera asks him if he would kill one person to save tens of thousands. Carlos said it is like the question about going back in time to save Hitler. Carlos thinks that maybe Julian’s future has been changed. Kiera isn’t convinced and tells Carlos about the massacre in New Pemberton and how it affected her parents. Carlos said they need to concentrate on finding Julian. Kiera needs Alec’s help in using the ark or the time piece device to find him.

Alec isn’t answering but is meeting with Julian where they talk about their mom’s recovery and Alec thinks that she took to bullet for him because he is worth saving; Julian asks if he thinks so too.

Dillon calls Kiera in and starts to reprimand her for wanting to go after Julian on her own. Dillon thinks she is crazy but understands why she wants to do it. If she still wants to go after him on her own the he will have to put her on desk duty. Dillon tells her that two other officers are going to bring in Julian and get all the information they need on Liber8 and things will go their way. I am not trusting this.

Anyways, Betty gets a hit and she finds Julian. Dillon is in the room with Betty and Kiera rewinds the scene to read Betty’s lips to discover where Julian is. She leaves, Dillon leaves and Betty texts someone.

We are back to Alec and Julian’s conversation who tells Alec that he is trying to find his way. Alec notices a security camera and walks Julian away as the cops, Martinez and Lisicky (whom Dillon had a private conversation with earlier) and Kiera arrive to no Julian. She has a conversation with them about her desire to capture Julian and they ask her if she is prepared to do the things that need to be done, she answers that she is.

Alec and Julian are laying low and playing pool. Alec tells him not to waste his second chance at freedom when Kiera calls Alec. Julian needs to know that he can trust him so Alec ignores her call and when Alec goes off for a second, Julian pockets his phone. The two then have a brotherly conversation about their mother.

Carlos senses something wrong with Betty but she denies that.

We next see Alec and Julian visit their mother, glad to see the two brothers reconciled. After the visit, Alec tells Julian that they create their own future and as they embrace goodbye, Kiera comes with Lisicky and Martinez to take Julian away, who thinks that Alec has betrayed him.

They take him to some secluded cabin that looks like it was used in an episode of Once Upon a Time. Carlos is trying to reach Kiera to no avail. In this cabin, Martinez and Lisicky are using any means necessary to get Julian to talk. Carlos knows that Betty knows something about Kiera going rogue but Betty stays silent as Dillon comes in to defend Betty. He then tells Carlos his plan to get Julian to tell all of what he knows and Liber8.

We next see the methods that Martinez and Lisicky are using to get Julian to spell all he knows about Liber8 and where Travis is. Julian says he doesn’t know but Kiera knows he is lying. Alec is seeing all of this via Kiera. Alec wants Kiera to stop torturing Julian because all Kiera sees his the monster that Julian becomes and she terminates her communication with him. He calls Carlos to tell him what Kiera is up to and he goes off to find her.

It is Kiera’s turn to question Julian and points a gun to his face. But as she pulls the trigger, Martinez and Lisicky stop her and Julian escapes. Kiera runs after im, shooting at him. She catches up and they fall down a hill. Julian pleads for his life and vows that he will change and that he won’t become the monster she thinks he will become. Kiera starts telling about the future to Julian and what he does. She believes that Kagame told him about his future but Carlos is convinced that Julian doesn’t know about his future. He tells Kiera not to kill Julian or she will be like him. Julian, in the pouring rain, still pleads for his life and promises not to be that monster and she stands down.

Carlos is driving Julian home or to where is staying. Julian thanks Carlos for saving his life and tells him that he believes he can change and change his future. Julian wonders about what Kiera said about the future but Carlos just tells Julian to change his path. Julian finds Alec’s cellphone and realizes that Alec didn’t betray him. Alec tells his mom the same thing when he goes to visit her in the hospital.

Julian returns to the basement of the building where his followers are and asks for Travis, who has left on his orders. Julian asks Rebecca to gather his followers.

Later, Carlos and Kiera have a talk of the day’s events and Kiera really hopes not killing Julian will change things. Kiera thinks not pulling the trigger causes him to be the monster.

We are back in 2035 and we see another prisoner being sentenced but it isn’t complete and we see Julian shooting down the guards. We see Julian ordering them to blow up the factory and shows similar factories that he has blown up. He tells his fellow henchman that the drones are no longer people and we the woman at the top of the hour get shut down. The chips that the New Pemberton factory was building that makes these workers drones are made from Sadtech.

So we are seeing two sides here. Kiera thinks that Julian killed tens of thousands of innocent people but Julian believes that they weren’t people anymore once the chips went in them and killing them will save millions more because those chips won’t go in other people. Very interesting to see this. However, why introduce Betty as the Liber8 mole and not do anything with it and also, where it the fallout from Gardiner being killed. There was no mention of him being dead or missing at all this episode. Let’s hope that gets addressed in the next one.

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6 Comments on Continuum Season 2 Episode 9 “Seconds” Recap and Review

  1. Well seeing that the computer chips (in the end scene) were being made by sadtech just show’s that these so called “terrorists” might actually be the good guy’s… Let’s face it, Julian sentenced all the worker’s to death by deactivation, but only because they were “zombies” to the Sadtech company (owned by none other than Alec)… This to me seem’s to show that in the future Sadtech will do anythink to gain free labour even imprisoning civilian’s to a life debt after 3 strikes. So if liber8 want to overthrow this sort of corruption to humanity then i think that they are actually the sheep’s in wolf’s clothing, as a pose to Kiera, who is slowly seeming to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing… Obviously its all down to the two brother’s having a different take on life, and from what i can tell, they are slowly becoming as bad as each other. The easiest way to solve this problem is to make an episode were Julian has a target to bomb (not realising who his target is, and that person being Alec and his basement computer lair)… The way the episode could play out is like this, Julian rigg’s the target, somebody informs him that his brother Alec is at the target, he panics and rush’s back to save him, the place goes boom and they both die… Now Kiera’s future does not exist because it hasn’t happened from the time line she’s in, so everythink around her collapse’s, there’s a big flash and bam, she’s back in 2077… Now there’s two ways Kiera’s time could be shown, either she returns to her time and everythink is the same, i.e. her and liber8 and everyone in the same room they left (suggesting that they changed the past, but not from there timeline, meaning parallel universe) or she appears in 2077, everythinks changed, nobody know’s who she is or were she’s from, her husband does not exist (meaning neither does her child), and the only people that are aware of her are liber8 (who also get pulled back to the future)… Now suggesting THAT ending would push for another strong alternative story line, i.e. Liber8 do not like the “new” future and neither does Kiera, so they either team up, or race against each other, to try and return things to how they were, and accept the history that has made them who they are. Obviously though, playing a storyline in the future would need alot bigger budget, so im guessing (if any of them two story’s were played out) it would have to be the first one, simply because it save’s on cost’s… But hey, the script writter’s have there job, i just fit tyre’s and exhaust for a living lol :L

    • Love all your theories. Maybe if Simon Barry reads this blog that he might consider these.

    • The one thing you have to remember about Kiera is that all of this information about New Pemberton and city factories like it was purged from the history books so that no one in her society would know the truth. If Kiera knew that they weren’t factory cities but really prisons in which people were turned into worker drones by this brainwashing chip, she’d probably change her tune very quickly.

  2. feelingblind // July 9, 2013 at 1:34 am // Reply

    I love how gray the writer’s have made things, because it has never been a clear battle between good and evil. This revelation that Alec is perhaps the one to be feared, not Julian, has really put a new spin on the show.

  3. Kiera is really starting to get on my nerves again as the mindless drone who loves the state in the name of “saving lives.” She’s increasingly hard to like. Enjoying the show.

  4. Emmanuel Stalling // July 25, 2015 at 10:01 pm // Reply

    This episode was one of those narratives that make you curse the shallow-mindedness of the writers as you watch it. It’s one of those episodes where characters suddenly start acting out of character and it ruins everything you’ve done to build them up as actual people. It’s a cheap trick to manufacture tension and ruptures between characters who would otherwise get along. It is SO illogical the way Kiera acted in this episode. As I am watching the obnoxious interrogation scene, I think “Now, if you want to take a confused kid who’s just trying to get on with his life and turn him into a messianic killer, hanging him by rope and interrogating him is a great way to spark that hatred inside….” And she just ignores Alec’s pleas and the implications it would have between them, knowing he is vital to everything and she cannot afford to have him not trust her. I mean if you thought this kid was Hitler from the very beginning, why wait until now to suddenly feel like you have to put him down? And why do people always give long ass speeches before shooting people? Suddenly their boss, captain-by-the-book is cool with torturing the kid, when his initial plan was just to follow Julian….and suddenly Betty is tight-lipped when she’s been breaking and bending rules for Carlos from day 0. As the audience, I know Kiera’s not going to actually kill him because she’d then become a different character you could no longer root for, and it becomes so obvious that it’s false tension that the immersion just crumbles in favor of obstacles manufactured by characters’ not being able to control their emotions. It would have been better if she actually did kill him, as these turns of events are what separate shows like these who cater to fan favorites, from shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, where any character can die at any moment. My frustration is based on how much I loved this show up until this point, but Kiera is so all-over-the-place….one moment she wants to get home, then she decides not to go home so she can change things, except she doesn’t want to change things, except huge things that will change everything….One moment she’s disgusted by Kellog, then flirting then sleeping with him, then disgusted….sometimes she’s a crying mom, others she acts like Batman…This may seem like a “complex” character who has many levels, but it’s actually TV show writing that frees them up to make her anything they want because they never commit to her being any sort of way….Still, she sure is purty.

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