Saving Hope Episode 3 Review – Blindness

Now in its third week, I think Saving Hope is starting to hit its stride not only in its medical cases but also the personal relationships.

The episode opened with Alex trying coma arousal therapy by stripping down to her bra and having the comatose Charlie touch her. When caught by a nurse, Alex’s reaction was very much like Lois Lane. Plus, having Erica Durance sport the pony tail with her side swept bangs was very much the look of Lois in season 10. So if Saving Hope is trying to make me forget that she ever was Lois Lane, you guys are not going a great job in the physical look department.

Anyways, one of the medical cases was again one we have seen before about a guy who comes in that has had multiple medical procedures done to him before but underlying that is a mental issue problem of Munchausen disease. But the actor playing this patient, Benjamin Monk was Zachary Bennett. For those that don’t know who he is, he played Felix King in one of my favourite shows as a kid: Road to Avonlea. It was based on several novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery who wrote Anne of Green Gables and Benjamin kept on saying what sounded like Karen Anne Shirley, which I think was a total nod to the fact that he came from that universe.

A little aside here. At first, I never liked Felix because he was an annoying brat but there was an episode where Felix went from a boy to a man almost instantaneously. When left Road to Avonlea in season 5, Felix still looked like a boy but then BAM! in the season 6 premiere, he looked all grown up and frankly pretty good looking. Anyways, it is nice to see that he is still acting.

Anyways, the other medical case was also interesting but still didn’t quite get the procedure that Joel performed. It looked like he placed is foot the wrong way around and wasn’t too sure how that gave him a functioning leg.

Of course we will see fallout from the whole Maggie/Joel hookup and I think poor Gavin will the one of the casualties as he is so crushing on Maggie while Maggie is crushing on Joel and Joel is crushing on himself (but perhaps on Alex).

Again, I think Charlie is the comic relief character in this as he helps the brother of the leg surgery guy find closure so he can move on. One of the ways he gets this guy, Isaac to help, is helping guide another soul move on and the way Isaac helped wasn’t really helping.

But Isaac did ask an intriguing question to Charlie and what does he have to do in order to wake up from the coma.

And what kind of procedure is Dr. Hamza doing on Charlie to see if he will waking up any time soon. I thought it was pretty weird that he just shouted at him.

I do hope they give Wendy Crewson more to do than being a stern task master. But again, Erica Durance was great as Alex. She was playful at the beginning and then heartbroken at the end. She definitely showed great range in this episode.

It was funny that Joel told Alex to keep believing that Charlie will wake-up. It reminds of Smallville again and Clark’s vows to Lois about believing in someone is forever.

I do wonder how long they can keep Charlie in a coma. This show can’t go on for 10 years and have him still comatose. I give that concept a season to two tops.

We get another flashback to Alex and Charlie’s time together and how he “proposed” to her. Seeing this scene again makes we wish we had a scene like that (i.e. a morning after scene) in Smallville between Lois and Clark.

Anyways, Saving Hope has really got to stop doing stuff that reminds of Smallville aside from Erica Durance being in it and also having the characters say the episode title or part of the episode title. So Alex cannot call anybody Clark or Kent or Chloe or Kara or Lana or even Lex because that won’t help.

Let’s hope next week’s review will be Smallville free but no guarantees 🙂

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